Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Do You Wish You Were Doing Today?

I was reading Travel + Leisure Magazine today on my break at work and found myself idly thinking, "I'd like to be there right now," regarding some pretty picture of a hotel.

Then I thought, "No.  If I am to wish, I want it to be really good.  Today, I wish I were..."

Today, I wish I were doing something really comfortable

Like getting a head-to-toe massage in a beach-side cabana with the warm but refreshing breeze feathering across my skin.  With a drink?  No, not an alcoholic one, not today.  Today, it's cold and fruity, sweet and tart, and entirely healthful.  Today, there are steel drums playing in the distance, so that sometimes I hear them on the breeze, and sometimes I hear the waves.  I smell the salt air, the sun-warm sand.  I feel the tension being worked from each limb, my neck, my back, my feet.

This, this is what I wish I were doing today.

What do you wish you were doing today?

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