Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today at work, I tried the Squirrel nuts mentioned in yesterday's blog - the Truffle flavor.  We're talking actual mushroomy truffles, rather than the chocolate kind - though if you're into chocolate truffles, Williams-Sonoma sells an awesome confection that looks like a malted milk "robin's egg," but tastes like a little bite of chocolate heaven.  Those are only available at Easter, so you'll have to wait till next year for more; sorry.  But the wait is worth it.  Until then, Godiva will have to do.  ;)

Anyway, the truffle flavored almonds?  You should hear the moans of pleasure when people try these beauties!  Mysterious, dark and woodsy, they taste of real truffles.  If you've never tried truffles, there's nothing quite like them.  I think they're as rich as a good oyster, but vegetarian, and honestly worth the moaning they precipitate.

If you're stumped (haha, no squirrel pun intended) for a good gift idea, these are unusual and delicious, packaged in a delightfully chic black-and-gold canister, appropriate for men as well as ladies.  An awesome "hostess" gift, one they'll remember you for! 

Also, I tried two Tishbi jellies.  One was a red wine (I think cabernet) and the other a white (I think chardonnay) jelly.  Oh, my goodness!  The red tasted like wine, not sweet, or sugary, or syrupy.  All the flavors of a good red, but without a bite-y, tannin-ey taste.  I could eat it right out of the jar all day long.  This jelly would be excellent on buttered toast, possibly with tea to drink.  I think it would also rock a good red meat, either glazed in the oven with it, or spread on a cold leftover meat sandwich the next day.  That's good eatin'.

The white wine jelly was far more delicate and sweeter.  You could also use this on toast, but I would go with white toast rather than a hearty whole grain, and one of the milder teas to drink.  Not sure how or if I would use this in cooking, though I'm sure there are plenty of delicious combinations just waiting to be discovered.

Both jellies and the nuts can be found at the Annapolis, Maryland Williams-Sonoma.  They haven't appeared on Williams-Sonoma online, but that may just be a matter of time.  If you stop by our store, give me a holler!

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